Welcome to the Settles Real Estate blog!

We will be posting information every week that you will find helpful, interesting and sometimes

just plain hilarious! After all, we all need a good belly laugh from time to time! As the real

estate market is forever evolving, our blog will be too. We hope that you will join us every week

and whenever you need to utilize real estate services, you’ll take advantage of our experience,

knowledge and our dedicated personal service - something our Broker has coined as “Craft

Real Estate.”

What is Craft Real Estate?

Simply put, Craft Real Estate is real estate done better! There are hundreds of “Big Box”

companies out there that promise you the world, razzling and dazzling you with their expansive

tools and large, luxurious offices. But do they provide the individual service that you really

need? Let’s be honest - customer service has sadly become extinct in today’s society and isn’t

that what real estate is supposed to be?? Here at Settles Real Estate, we pride ourselves on

customer service! You will be working with an agent that has years of experience, who has

literally sold 100’s, if not 1,000’s, of homes. You will get their undivided attention and you will

deal directly with them, not their assistant or closing coordinator or some other fancy title for a

person that doesn’t know your unique situation or the fabulous features of your home or what

you are really looking for in a home purchase. By taking the time to actually get to know you

and what is important to you, whether you are buying or selling, is what makes the difference.

By giving you their special attention to all details they will save you thousands when buying and

make you thousands more if selling! In the end, they will make you far more (financially &

emotionally) than they cost you.

Buying or selling a home can be extremely stressful, but here at Settles Real Estate we will

make the entire experience much more enjoyable by doing our absolute best to avoid the many

pitfalls that can arise throughout a real estate transaction. If you happen to be an investor, we

will listen and learn your goals and help you achieve them; we will find good tenants and help

you maintain your property investment. We specialize in property purchasing, selling and

renting in the Residential, Commercial and Vacant Land markets.

Give us a call or send an email and let us help you achieve your real estate goals and

personally experience what we call “Craft Real Estate.”